We enjoyed learning about the dawn service that is held on ANZAC Day each year. We watched a short video of a soldier playing a bugle at a ceremony from last year. Then, we read the story “My Grandad Marches on ANZAC Day” which also talks about the dawn ceremony. We were then invited by Amanda to make our own dawn pictures using crayons and water colours!

With Soni, we made poppy fields using our thumb prints in the red paint. We liked the texture and sensory experiences of making this project. We also started working on some very special gifts for Mother’s Day!

Arturo has gotten us all very excited for Bike and Scooter Week next week! We did a lot of talking about transportation today with him. We made some fun modes of transportation out of cardboard boxes and helped to paint them!

We enjoyed being in the yard on this warm day. Dhwani and Silvan were very excited to show their moves on the monkey bars! We also continue to find so many lady bugs in the yard! We love seeing them!

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