It’s Thursday today! The weather has been great this week so we’ve spent another day outside in the fresh air!

We began our day with group time! Together we read stories, sang songs and talked about the fun activities that we could participate in today!

During yoga, the children were excited to get the session started with big jumps and stretches before continuing with our animal poses that we enjoy so much! The children wanted to be pigs today, playing in the mud. We love yoga in Emerald because it’s fantastic for our physical, social and language development!

Marshmallow needed a top up of water this morning and the children were more than happy to help …

We continued with our Anzac Day craft and painted over soldiers with gorgeous green paint to make a silhouette! The children had a lot of fun using the paint brush to dab the paint onto the paper!

The children’s interest in farm animals is very apparent! We read books about farm animals, we sing songs about farm animals and today we played with the farm animals in a sensory tray with lots of straw! What fun 🙂

Today the children have had fun at the drawing table, using knives and forks to chop up the play dough, playing in the sand pit and outside on the climbing equipment!

What a lovely day! See you tomorrow 🙂


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