Today, we listened to another soldier play the bugle in an ANZAC Day service. We then read the story “Anzac Biscuits.” Afterwards, we made our own Anzac biscuits. We learnt about the different types of measurements, as well as practising strong turn taking skills. We are looking forward to eating our delicious treats this afternoon.

With Soni, we did some self-portraits through painting. We looked at ourselves in the mirror and painted what we saw. Some of us decided to add fun colours like blue and red to our pictures. We explained what we saw to Soni.

We had a lot of fun in the sandpit today. Dhwani, Zoe, and Finn made sand castles. Harvey, Anita, and Oscar made an aeroplane out of the tyres and talked about the different trips they were going on.

We continued to use the helicopter, firetruck, and racing car that we have made out of cardboard boxes. Please remember to bring your bikes, scooters, and helmets for our transportation week starting Monday.

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