Friday is here! It’s been another busy day filled with exciting activities!

This morning the children enjoyed group time with their educators, where they read stories, played games and had lots of fun identifying farm animals! We sang so many songs and the children did a fantastic job singing along and doing the actions!

We love yoga! Today the children had a great time jumping and stretching to practice their gross motor movements! We continued with our animals poses and had so much fun enhancing our physical development, balance and coordination!

In preparation for Anzac Day tomorrow, the children have been participating in lots of Anzac themed crafts all week, but today the children were invited to join in with a baking experience! Today we made Anzac biscuits! We had so much fun talking about the ingredients, as well as pouring and mixing! We enjoyed our delicious biscuits for our afternoon tea, but don’t worry … we made leftovers!

Today we made more autumn leaves! The children really enjoyed using a balloon to paint with and the leaves look beautiful! Well done everyone!

Fridays are lots of fun in Emerald! Today the children have also been dancing, playing in the sand pit, playing with the sea animals in the sensory tray and building towers with blocks! The easel has also been out again today, as the children have taken a real interest in drawing recently!

Thanks for a lovely day! Enjoy your weekend and Happy Anzac Day! 🙂

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