Welcome back Aqua group!  We hope you had a wonderful weekend and ANZAC day.

Today, the children had a wonderful morning! We had some special guests, Levi’s Mum, Sarah and big sister held a yoga class for us. All the children joined in and were very excited, especially Levi. They started the class by saying “Hello” to each other with their special yoga word, Namaste. Then, they went on an adventure through a secret forest. They met some animals along the way and acted them out. They were a snake, spider, bear and frog. They sang “Incy Wincy Spider” with their spider fingers. They all practiced their deep breathing in a caterpillar pose and finished by lying on their backs for relaxation. It was amazing to see the children so engaged throughout the whole lesson.

For Learning Centre time, the children are starting to talk about Autumn. The children had the opportunity to paint some leaves different colors. They used brown, red and green. They were repeating the colours they saw.

Sand Play was a big hit as always. The children had fun scooping, pouring and driving large trucks inside the sandpit.

Charlie and Henry built a big house using their fine motor skills, They manipulated the blocks to form their home. They had lots of fun together!

We would like to wish Levi E a big happy birthday for tomorrow. Thanks for bringing cupcakes to share today.

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