Monday is here again! Gosh this year is going fast! Today we have had a lovely day full of group times, singing, dancing and lots of fun!

This morning the children had so much fun during group time! They played games and sang songs with Jasmine and read stories with Robyn. This is always a lovely way to welcome the children and talk to them about their weekend and the day ahead of them!

Cindy is back and she’s doing yoga! The children have all missed her so much and are excited to have her back! Yoga was great this morning; all the children were ready to get stuck in and couldn’t wait to show Cindy their animal poses!

Today the children enjoyed a sensory experience with the shaving foam and the sea animals! The children loved to play with the animals in the foam and had so much fun feeling the foam with their hands!

Our Emerald office is still open for business and the children are doing a great job at answering the phones and responding to your emails …

We’ve been dancing our socks off today! This is another great way to get the children moving and practicing their gross motor skills, as well as enhancing language through music!

But other than that … the children have had a lovely day playing in the home corner, exploring the farm animals and drawing pictures!

Thank you for a lovely start to the week! See you tomorrow 🙂



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