Today, we had a relaxing start to our morning. The children participated in their yoga class with Alejandra. Their cognitive skills shine through as they remember how to do the poses she names. They use their large and small muscles as they complete the pose. Well done children!!

Some of the children spotted men working outside the fence fixing the road. The children were so excited when the builder finished and was putting the lift back on the truck. They watched as it was strapped down on the truck.

The kitchen area is always popular! Saige, Isla, Henry, Charlotte, Georgia, and Adeline explored the dolls and cooked for them.

Learning Centre time was full of chat about our Mums. As Mother’s Day is fast approaching we are reading some nice books such as “Dino-Mummy” and “I Love My Mum.” The children then had the opportunity to draw their Mum and say why they love their Mum. Some of the answers were:

Arda: ‘’Mummy does everything for me’’

Lily: ‘’She gives me lots of ice-cream’’.

Saige: ‘’Makes Cakes’’.

With Tima, the children are exploring Autumn and went on an nature walk in Crimson collecting leaves. They then made a lovely leaf collage.

With Nelson, we are doing gross motor activities. The children had to recognize the colors, then run and place them onto the right color cone.

It was such a fun day in Aqua!

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