We were excited to take part in day two of Wheels Week. Arturo added more to our obstacle course, making it a bit more tricky as we had two lanes to pick from. This afternoon we are looking forward to making a stop light craft with Amanda.

We talked a lot about letters with Gail during group time. We then found the letters of our name in the magnets. Next, we practised writing our name on the white boards!

We continued having a lot of fun playing with the grocery store toys! We also set up a restaurant in the sand pit. We love using our imaginations as we play with our peers! We also displayed our excellent turn taking skills!

In the afternoon, we built a whole city out of the wooden blocks! We were so proud of each part of our creation, pointing out and describing the different areas. It was a lovely team effort!

We continued with making special Mother’s Day cards as well. We have gained so much confidence in our fine motor skills!

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