In order to extend the children’s interest in construction, Tima set up an outdoor area for them to explore and become the builders.

Isla had fun moving the block around on the crane. Arda also enjoyed the crane. They use the circle knob on the side of the crane to reel in the string. This takes great concentration and coordination to complete this task. Well done Arda and Isla!

Isaac enjoyed the small crane and scooped some sand up with it. Edward really enjoyed the roller and screamed ‘’Look’’ when he saw the tracks it made in the sand.

In the block area, Charlie and Henry became builders and used their fine motor skills to build a house. They also got creative at the table and drew some dinosaurs.

There was also a shop set up in the garden which Saige, Isla, Georgia, and Else enjoyed. They used the trolly and wheelbarrow to transport the items they bought to the cubby house. They sat inside, talked, and made dinner for each other from the items. This activity promotes children’s understanding of the world around them. They loved shopping in Coles today 😊

During Learning Centre time, the children are preparing special gifts for Mum. We have also continued making leaf collages.

We have been bringing in items beginning with letter ‘’B’’ from home. Tima brought a banana, Oscar brought a black ball and “Bluey the Book”, Nelson brought in a battery, and Henry shared another ball. Thank you for bringing in items and please continue to do so. Tomorrow will be the letter ‘’B’’ again.

Have a fun Wednesday evening Aqua group!!

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