Today, we were excited to see the hospital set up! This helps us extend our understanding of essential workers! We used different hospital tools like a stethoscope to help take care of our teddies! We also were writing down on our hospital clipboards! We then took turns being the patient ourselves!

We also continued to enjoy our store set up! We liked going grocery shopping and using the money!

The mini chalkboard was also very popular! We pretended that we were teachers and took turns teaching a lesson! We also used the letters and the tongs to aid in our understanding of letters!

We continued to love riding our scooters and bikes around the yard. We noticed new street signs around the yard and talked about what they meant at group time. Later on, we learnt a new song about street lights. Then, Amanda invited us to create our own street light crafts!

We also used our bikes and scooters to create still life drawings. We looked at our own bikes and scooters and drew pictures of them. We also made more licenses!

Lastly, we had fun playing with the snakes today! We made homes for them as well as had a snake party!

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