Wednesday is here … and what a wonderful Wednesday we’ve had in Emerald! 🙂

Group time as usual to start our day! Today the children really wanted to sit in their chairs to read a story with Robyn. What a fun way to enjoy group time. We read lots of books and sang lots of songs, starting our morning off right!

Today we had yoga with Liza! Everyone was so excited to see Liza and to get started with their yoga session! Together we stretched our bodies up and down and practiced those animal poses. We really worked on our gross motor skills and balance!

The children were invited to participate in a little problem solving game that would also enhance colour matching skills and language! Today the children saved the baby bears from the cave and returned them to their Mummy bears! This was so much fun!

We painted a lovely garden today, with beautiful red tulips using a toilet roll! The children all did a great job using the toilet roll to stamp paint onto their paper and then the paintbrush to paint long grass. Well done everyone, really developing those fine motor skills.

Today we played with the play dough and in the sensory tray with leaves and dinosaurs! It’s so much fun to explore lots of different textures!

We have also been watering our plants, digging in the sand pit, playing with trains, solving puzzles and throwing the balls to each other!

What a lovely day 🙂


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