What a rainy day! The children have been singing a song all morning in hopes the rain would stop. All around the room, we could hear ‘’Rain, Rain, Go, Away’’. Unfortunately, the rain didn’t stop so that meant a lot of indoor play.

They started the morning with Yoga. The children take their mat, remove their shoes, and lie on the mat ready for instructions from Alejandra. The children are amazing as they complete the pose she is doing.

Pretend play was happening in the kitchen area. Charlotte put Adeline to bed. Luca put his Lamb teddy into the carry chair and rocked him.  He gave Donna the biggest smile as he did it. At the table, Kavya made Donna some toast, while Charlotte made lunch. Luca also poured some coffee. Donna had a full belly by the end of our play.

As Donna got the children’s beds ready, the children love to put the dolls into them and pat just like the teacher. Today, Hamish also joined in and pat his baby. Charlotte gave her baby some chicken before going to sleep. Adeline, Isla, Georgia and Lily pat. Adeline said, ‘’ I’m Tima.’’ Lily said, “I’m Donna” as she pat.

Arda is amazing at building with blocks. He can sit for up to at least 1 hour building. Today, he made a space rocket. As he was making it, Donna asked him about which colours he was using. He also counted to 10. Well done Arda!

During Learning centre time, Emmeline, Hamish, and Kavya made a beautiful Autumn collage and spoke about the colours. Emmeline nodded her head when Tima asked the colors. Kavya said ‘’ellow’’. Luca enjoyed making something special for Mum with Donna and Alejandra.

We will continue singing our Rain song in hope the rain stops this evening so we can have some play in the Garden tomorrow.

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