Thursday is here and it’s a little bit rainy today! We’ve made the most of the dry morning before the weather hit us, but have managed to have a lovely day indoors, or under the shelter, with lots of fun activities!

In our group time this morning, the children enjoyed different books with their educators. They practiced their listening skills and language too through conversations and questions!

We did yoga under the shelter today, as it was too rainy outside! It’s still important to warm up our bodies and keep them moving with activities like yoga and dancing! Today we practiced our tree pose, talking about branches and leaves! Well done everyone 🙂

The children have made some beautiful artwork today! Using a folded toilet roll, the children used it as a stamp to create lots of leaves!

We also worked on fine motor skills by gluing and sticking lots of coloured love hearts onto paper!

Today the children enjoyed their time outside on the climbing equipment before coming inside, where they danced, played with play dough and even participated in an indoor obstacle course with the cushions and pillows!

What a fun day!

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