We are in full swing of appreciating all the wonderful things that our Mums do for us! Soni had us making flowers and talking about why we love our Mummy. It was so wonderful to hear so many different responses from our children!

Amanda also was working on a Mummy focused project. We talked about the way Mummy makes us feel. We then drew a picture to match the feeling!

We extended our interest in playing with the squishy creatures today! We built homes for lizards and frogs. We talked about how they feel and showed how far we could stretch them.

Arturo continued on with our transportation project. We loved playing with the new car mat and then we asked if we could make our own town! We drew roads, buildings, and road signs. This activity certainly extends our learning from last week as we made new cities on paper. We also talked about what we had learnt last week, showing our ability to transfer information from one concept to another.

We also had a lovely meditation in the yard this afternoon. It was lovely to slow our bodies down as we got ready for the rest of the day. Harvey was also very excited to show pictures from his birthday after meditation, Amariah shared photos of the flowers she collected over the weekend and put into a vase.  As always, we love being in the sandpit, playing with Lego, and engaging in dramatic play in the sandpit.

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