Today, the children started their day with some lovely building corner. They were talking about the builders in the yard doing their work. They made a new car park! They made a long line with the big blocks and then started going across the blocks and pretending to be cars.

The children have been showing a keen interest in magnets over these past few weeks. In order to extend this interest, Alejandra brought out a  new magnet set. She also put out pictures for the children to follow in order to try to make a rocket. They really enjoyed this experience.

Charlotte, Lily, and Adeline love Emma from the Wiggles!  Today, it was so adorable to see them all come to school in their Wiggles dresses. They laughed as they saw each other.

Henry was very kind to share his crocodile with us during Learning Centre time. The letter of the week is letter ‘’C’’. Please bring objects from home to share at group time. This encourages the children to be confident in talking in front of the group and describe their item!

Oscar and Harvey had time on the mat making a big tower with the blocks. They enjoyed building them as high as they could and then knocking them down.

Outside the children made a long bus, and they told the bus driver where they would like to go.  ‘’To the Zoo’’ and “We want to see the animals” the children said.

The children are making some very special presents for their Mum’s special day. The kitchen was a big hit as was dancing with Liza on the mat.

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