We have had a super fun day in Aqua. We were so excited to wear our PJ’s. It was so nice to see so many children in their comfy pyjamas. Some even brought their favourite teddy bear. The teachers got dressed up too! Alejandra wore her night dress. Donna wore her pjs and brought her favorite teddy.

Donna read the book ‘’We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’’ for the children. We were hunting for Donna’s bear. The children were so engaged while they listened.

Alejandra did a pyjama yoga morning. Lily, Charlotte and Adeline joined in and did the Lion pose along with many more. The children also learnt the names of the animals in Spanish. Well done!!

The letter of the week is ‘’C’’. Henry shared hands with us that “clap”. The children laughed as they saw their hands clapping together. What a great idea Henry! Charlotte brought a cat mask to share and even put it on to model for us. Thanks to our parents for helping the little ones find objects at home to share. It is a great way to build their confidence.

Learning Centre time is full of special gifts for Mum. All the children have worked so hard on their gift. Also, the children continue to learn about Autumn with Tima. They did some lovely creative experiences with the colors of Autumn.

Jeffrey enjoyed playing in the house with his friends. Welcome back also to Levi White. He enjoyed time with Nelson doing physical actitvties as well as time with his friends in the sand pit.

What a super fun Wednesday!!

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