As an extension of yesterday’s expressed interest in construction, Gail set up a wonderful construction zone on the deck! The children loved wearing the hard hats and building with the large blocks! Gail also had a craft project that we were making blue prints for our buildings using rulers! Building creations out of the playdough using hammers and nails was also a lot of fun and hard work for our fine motor skills.

Another example of the essential workers we have been learning about are farmers! Aidan talked a lot about this yesterday. There were rice tables set up with a farming community so the children could do some planting with the “seeds.”

For our Mother’s Day projects, Amanda did an extension on how Mummies help us grow. We compared it to being like a caterpillar into a butterfly! We then made drawings of caterpillars and had some fun sensory painting to make our butterflies. We were certainly laughing as we made butterflies with our feet! Zoe and Eliza did some flying around pretending to be butterflies.

Playing with Barbies, building in the sandpit, and meditation were also big parts of our day! Pyjama Day was also a huge hit as we loved seeing our teachers and our peers in their favourite PJs! We have been so busy the day has flown by!

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