Today, Donna, Lily, Adeline, and Charlotte started the morning with a story time in the Book Corner. They sat together and read a book about Paddington going to the zoo. The three girls were super excited as they were all dressed in their Emma dress again.

At Yoga, the children have been doing their poses from the Bonkers Beat cards. The children the crocodile that pose which corresponds with the letter of the week.

At group times, we welcomed back our friends, Leonardo and Viraj. It was good to see their smiling faces and to see them still so settled within the environment even though they have been away for a while.

We have been working on a lot on different emotions and how we feel if someone hurts us. The children enjoyed a book at group time called ‘’How are You Peeling’’ that was a funny book about fruit and vegetables. They enjoyed it and could answer Donna when asked how they feel if someone pushes them or hits them.

Learning Centre time continues to be all about Mum and her very special day. Levi made a special flower for his present.

With Tima, the children made some yellow playdough. “The same as Emma’s dress’’, Lily said. She was super excited to mix the colour in. The children had fun with the dough, rolling it and making chocolate in the moulds.

Outside the children had some fun with Donna. We put the cones on top of our head.  We pretended they were our hats and we had to balance them. Lily’s brother, Henry from the Nursery joined in.

Harvey had fun working. He typed on his computer, while some of the children used the red bucket for a boat. They sat inside and sang ‘’Row, Row, Row your Boat”.

Inside, when Donna put the beds down Kavya, Adeline, Lily and Charlotte put their babies to bed. They patted them and Kavya gave her baby a bottle before she slept.

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