We had a special visitor come to the Crimson room today. Robyn came over with some food for the guinea pig. We were excited to give him some fresh vegetables. Robyn also held Pipsqueak so we could pet him!

We had some really fun sensory crafts today. With Soni, we made some special trees using our fingers. We chose from a variety of colours and added our “leaves” to the tree. We then wrote wishes for our Mummies! Our feet butterflies were so popular yesterday that some of the children asked if we could do them today. However, we had a choice to do our feet or our hands today to make our butterfly.

We had some spontaneous games come from our creativity today. We found some large sticks in the bark and pretended they were large spoons or walking sticks. We also played “Follow the Leader” which lead to a very fun time on the balance beams.

Arturo continued on with our construction workers interest. After listening to a few stories with Arturo, we made our own paper houses out of strips of paper that we glued to the paper. We were excited to talk about the designs we were making and what tools we needed!

During Meditation, we pretended to be stars. We got into a star formation and then closed our eyes as we visualized being in space. Afterwards, we talked about what kind of stars we would like to be!

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