Thursday is here and we’ve had a fantastic day!

The children enjoyed their group times this morning where they talked about the weather, the days of the week and what they would be doing today! We even read a new story … ‘The Very Super Bear’! The children love the bear books so were very excited to listen to this book!

Everyone was very excited to join in with the yoga! Liza lead the session today and started with some big jumping movements to warm up our bodies. Today we introduced the children to a new pose … the star! Recently the children have really been loving ‘twinkle, twinkle’, so we made a new yoga position! Great job everyone 🙂

Today we continued with our tree art work by gluing and sticking on some autumn leaves in red, orange and yellow. We’ve been talking a lot about leaves this week, so the children were excited to get stuck in!


In our sensory tray today the children had lots of fun playing with the small world elephants and lots more leaves! It was so much fun to “stamp, stamp, stamp” through the ‘jungle’!

What a wonderful day we’ve had! The children enjoyed building towers, playing in the home corner and doing lots of dancing!

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