On this sunny day, the little explorer got to work early in the morning! They explored volume and made pretend cake at the sandpit. They enjoyed fine motor activity at the table as well as driving big red car around the yard. The little explorers also enjoyed tower building with colourful flower blocks.

The little explorers were invited to participate in various group time. They love singing to different songs during music group times and requested favourite stories for educators to read.

During learning centre time, the children participated in various experiences to enhance their physical, cognitive and language skills. They were invited to perform different yoga poses and stretch their muscles.

Next, they were invited to explore sensory zip lock bag, the children love making marks on the sensory bags. The children were also invited to participate in various creative experiences such as scrunched up foil painting as well as caterpillar painting with balloons.

We had fun singing ‘Happy Birthday’ song to Nishka, who turned 2 today! We also sang her birthday song in Hindi!

The little explorers had such a busy day today!

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