It’s Wednesday today and what a wonderful day we’ve had! Today we have talked all about Autumn and the changes in the weather!

The children love to participate in group times, where they sing songs, play games and read stories with their educators! This is a lovey time of the day to talk to the children about the weather, plans for the day and encourage speech and language through conversation!

We really enjoyed yoga with Liza this morning, it really warmed our bodies up for the day! Today we focused on our favourite yoga movements and also the newest pose we are learning … the star! What a great way to enhance physical development through balance and coordination!

In many of our favourite story books, there is usually a squirrel! The children have been noticing these little squirrels more and more recently, so today, we did our best gluing and sticking to decorate our very own squirrels! We had so much fun getting messy and working on our fine motor skills!

Today the children have enjoyed playing with the play dough! This is a fun and sensory way to work on fine motor skills and cognitive development!

Some of the children’s favourite things today, include; bubbles, dancing and having ‘dinner’ in the home corner!

Today we wished Alix a very happy Birthday 🙂

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