Today we had a very special visitor in Aqua. Sally, Edward’s Mum came to read stories for us. Edward was so excited to see his Mum being the teacher. She brought along 5 books to read for us. The children got to choose which book they wanted to listen to. They especially enjoyed ‘’Walking Through the Jungle’’. Thank you so much to Sally for coming and reading stories to us. We really enjoyed your company.

As there was no rain today, the children enjoyed outdoor play. Alice especially enjoyed exploring in the sandpit. She scooped sand and manipulated it into the sand mill and loved watching the red wheel go around.

The children had physical activity outside with Nelson at Learning Centre time. They walked across the balance beam. Some of the smaller children crawled across.

Outside, Tima added the small vehicles to the garden with a large road mat. It was a big hit with all children, especially Arda, Edward, Levi, Viraj, Leo, Charlie, Dominic and Hamish. They loved pushing the cars around the road. It was so nice to hear some of the conversation happening between them.

Arda said, ‘’Lets go to the beach’’.

Edward said, ‘’No to the jungle’’.

Everyone said, “Yes’’.

With Donna, the children sat and sang some songs on the mat. We used visual song cards. The little ones really enjoyed it as we sang ‘’Baby Shark’’, ‘’5 Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree’’ and ‘’5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’’. All children sang along with her and really enjoyed the song cards.

The children enjoyed walking on the bubble wrap. Lily laughed and said “It feels funny’’. ‘’How does it feel?” Donna said. ‘’Like bubbles on my feet’’ Adeline said.

It was nice to see our new friend Dominic interacting with Hamish at the car mat. Donna could see a new friendship budding.

Have a lovely Thursday evening Aqua Family.

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