We were anticipating a rainy morning so we did some running races around the yard in order to get some extra energy out. We were excited to see who was the fastest! We then headed over to 59. We loved exploring the activities such as the new building with the new connectors, the Barbie house, the Paw Patrol Rescue Centre, and the magnet writing pens. We continued on with our phonetic based transportation game, where we matched the letters of the train with the pictures.

Soni continued on with her shapes project. Today, we focused on triangles. We traced triangle shapes, cut them out, then pasted them to make them fish. We then added collages onto our fish!

With Arturo, we enjoyed a lot of sensory activities. We used the rollers to paint with blue and green on the large paper. We also loved playing with the utensils on the blue Playdough.

In the yard, we had so much fun having a table party in the sand pit. We had food and plates at our table. We also loved using the recycled milk cartons to dig in the upper half of the sandpit. The builders were putting on the other half of the roof for the deck so we were happy to watch them as well.

We enjoyed playing with the dinosaurs, building magnets, and drawing outside today too!

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