Today, we explored different vegetables that we can plant on the farm with Gail. We also added more to our farm tray, adding a road and two farm houses! It was lovely to see the children engage in dramatic with the animals! The tractor was a big hit as well, especially after learning it helps with all the vegetables that may grow on the farm.

We also continued working on our shape awareness with Soni. We combined different shapes together in order to make bigger objects. We also worked on our fine motor skills as we cut and pasted the shapes during our activity.

We had a lovely visit with Bonkers this afternoon. We sang some songs to welcome him to our room for the day. We have been listening to new songs and working on our rhythmic skills during our sessions.

We had a lot of car races today! By combining the car mat and the ramp, we had so much fun. We also showed wonderful turn taking skills as we had to wait to use the two slots on the ramp.

We enjoyed building with the magnets today! We made some very colourful creations! We also some fun gross motor games where pretended to be characters from the Dr. Suess book “The Foot Book” and had to hop, jump, or skip in place.

We hope you have a lovely weekend, see you next week!

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