Welcome back for another lovely week of learning in Crimson.

Soni continued on with her shapes project. We talked about how we can add different shapes together in order to make another creation. Today, we added triangles and squares together (the shapes we previously learnt about last week) to make a house! We loved using the match sticks in order to our houses!

Arturo has continued with acting out some of our favourite stories! Today, we read the “Three Little Pigs” and then made some of the props such as the different houses from the story. We then used the props to act out the story! It was so fun to act it out!

Amanda continued on with our Transportation theme and we focused on our number skills. We had to identify the numbers, put them into sequential order, and then we matched the written number to a number we rolled on the dice!

We also enjoyed playing with the car mat, creating kites with Rosanna, and building with the coloured blocks. We have been practising identifying days of the week as well as the month of the year!


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