We have had a very busy Tuesday! We continued making kites with Rosanna! Billy was especially excited about being able to finish his kite and decorate it!

Soni combined our love for playing instruments with our shapes project. We looked at the wooden xylophone today and we talked about the shapes that we see in it. We mostly noticed that there were rectangles in how its set up. We then made our own xylophone craft, cutting rectangles out to form it.

Amanda challenged us to a number game. We had to put the numbers in order from 1-15. We were very proud to get in the right order. We then continued working on extending our number recognition by printing numbers and counting the dots on the dice. Amariah and Hazel also did some building with the Diplo blocks and counted how tall we were in blocks. Amariah was 28 blocks and Hazel was 29 blocks.

We loved painting pictures of plants with Gail with celery stalks. We also continued talking about different types of fruits and vegetables. We had fun playing in the grocery store as well as making puzzles.

We had so much Autumn fun today! We got the leaves into a big pile and then had a leaf throwing party.

We stayed busy being reading books, dancing, and playing on the equipment!

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