The children started this beautiful day with lots of physical activities. The Emerald children started their day off with ‘ring-a-ring-a Rosie’ and ‘sleep little bunny.’  After that, they moved to the rhythms of their favourite songs such as ‘baby shark’ and ‘rock a by a bear’.  While some were dancing, others were pretending to be monkeys swinging on the tree teasing Mr Crocodile.  Bubbles were also a big hit amongst the children.

During learning centre time, the children started their group with a variety of group times such as story group time with Helena and Tintin as well as music group time with Cindy. They also participated in various sensory experiences such as snake sensory tray and play dough. The emerald children also expressed their creativity in ball painting, caterpillar making and chalk drawing.

The children had so much fun today!

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