We always love to warm up our bodies in the morning with Yoga with Alejandra! It is important to have the same routine in the mornings as it is helps the children build a sense of security and time!

We challenged ourselves with Nelson in the morning and the afternoon. He set up three balance beams that we had to walk toe to heal one foot in front of the other. Once we did this, we had to find our balance with two feet and kick the ball into the goal. This activity helps us to transition from balancing on one foot at a time to kicking the ball with two feet.

Donna has seen our love of building lately. We had the Playdough out and we build people, robots, and cakes! The magnetic shapes were also a wonderful way for us to build! Arda was so proud of his rocket ship.

Tima found a wonderful game that extended our interest in dinosaurs and sorting skills. We had to match the colour and shape to the dinosaur back! We will certainly playing this game again as it was so fun to make dinosaur noises and match!

We also were busy in the sandpit cooking and this was also happening in the Home Corner! We have been using our imaginations so well to extend our play with our teachers and our peers!

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