We had a very fun morning music session to start Learning Centre. Based on our Learning Centre group, we had to make a specific sound and movement. Amanda would point to our group and we had to make the sounds! There was a lot of giggles as we moved through our music!

Gail continued on with learning about vegetables and fruit. We painted using carrots today! It was funny to see the different types of designs it made!

Amanda challenged us to a transportation themed Memory game! We had great turn taking as we played the game as well as extending our interest in all of these transportation vehicles we have been learning about.

With Marina today, we built a city out of wooden blocks! We talked about the different parts of the city that we like to visit.

We also had a lot of fun in the sandpit today. The tyres were very popular. At one stage, it was a car that we climbed onto. Later in the afternoon, we pretended they were boats and canoes!

Rueben and Matilda had a lovely book and photos to share with their peers!

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