We had a very engaging day in Crimson today!

We continued on with our shapes project with Soni today. We focused on circles today! We noticed the rainbow circle puzzle we have in the room and pointed it out. Soni invited us to make our own rainbow circle paintings. This was a great way to practise drawing circles and it was fun to paint something we saw in person.

The Dominoes were very popular today. We loved making new designs and watching them slowly topple down. We also noticed that we could make patterns with the colours. This was a great way to practice patience and our fine motor skills as we had to be so delicate when we lined them up!

We continued with our food painting today! We added potatoes to the carrots mix. We pointed out the different designs the potatoes and carrot imprints make.

Over in 59, we continued working on our counting and number recognition skills in conjunction with our Transportation theme. We also enjoyed playing a group game of Transportation memory and talked about the places we would go if we had things like a plane, horse, or ice cream truck!

We also were busy with puzzles, dramatic play in the Home Corner and 59, quick plays in the sandpit between the rain showers, and a big game of Simon Says.


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