It’s Thursday here at BBC and the Emerald room has had a fantastic and busy day!

During group time, the children enjoyed reading books about birds … today we focused on the penguins! The children love to interact with each other and their educators, by singing songs and playing games!

Yoga this morning was lots of fun! Today Cindy lead our session and we all had a great time moving our bodies and enhancing our physical development through fun animal poses! Everyone did a wonderful job at joining in and practicing their listening skills to follow along with Cindy!

The children really enjoyed learning about penguins this morning, so they decided to paint some! The children practiced using their fine motor skills to grip the paintbrush and paint their penguins!

The children have really loved reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar and continuing their learning journey through arts and crafts and fun activities! Today the children fed pompoms to the caterpillars they had made earlier this week! What a fun game that encourages imagination!

Everyone enjoys painting with a paintbrush … so today the children experimiented painting with a ball! They all had so much fun bouncing the ball in the paint and then onto their paper!

But other than that … we’ve had a lovely day playing with play dough, exploring in the garden and playing with the musical instruments!

See you tomorrow 🙂


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