Our morning started off with a lot of reading together and building inside! It was a lovely way to start our week.

Creating arts and crafts were very popular today! We made bracelets, masks, and butterflies with Rosanna. We also enjoyed a lot of time in the sandpit today! We were very creative in our cooking play, digging and using the trucks.

The deck was filled with chalk art, playing with the Cowboys and Indians, and building home for the dinosaurs. We showed excellent turn taking as we moved around the different table activities.

Sony was challenging us with our number skills! We enjoyed tracing our numbers as well as talking about the ones we recognized. We then took turns trying to write the numbers on our own. We will be continuing to develop of our printing skills.

Because we have been enjoying some space books, Amanda transitioned us to learning about vehicles on Earth to rocket ships heading into space. We labeled a rocket ship’s different parts before we got busy making our name rockets! We each showed such independence as we counted the letters in our name, cut out the squares we needed, pasted them onto the paper, and drew our rocket ships! Come check out 59 for our rocket ship display!

News Time was also very popular today! Amariah showed her butterfly she created, Billy showed his dinosaur, Reuben brought in a dinosaur bone, and Hazel was proud of her new reversible vest. Teos brought in photos to show what a wonderful weekend he had!

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