Due to the rain, the children started their morning inside. Issac, Isla, Harvey and Adeline loved playing small vehicles. They had fun transporting the cars around the mat. They spoke to each other about the colour of the car using their language skills. Adeline said she is going to the zoo, while Edward said he was going to the park.

Beatrice, Harvey, and Isaac explored the sand box Helena set up for them inside. They used the building vehicles and scooped the sand up and down. The children at the box played well side by side. They were communicating with smiles and laughter.

Jake enjoyed some time in the Home Corner exploring.

Lily, Charlotte and Adeline dressed up as Elsa. They sourced their own play and used material to make their hair very long like Elsa’s.

Group times were full of singing songs and reading books. Their attention spans have really developed as they sit for 15 minutes or longer with ease.


Donna was working with the younger children about recognising their colours. They were asked to find the colour from the box of rice and place it on the matching color paper.

Lily found some green beans yesterday. To extend this, Helena invited the children to plant the beans on some cotton wool. They will water it daily to see if they will grow.

With Alejandra, the children used fine motor skills to transport the color balls into their tube. They used pinchers to pick them up.

With Tima, the children got creative! They painted with large brushes on the easel. They also made some lovely colours on the tin foil. Elaria made big circle motions with her brush.


Thanks to Henry for sharing a frog, Leo shared a finger toy, and Isla brought a fork and a fish. Thanks to their parents for always finding objects at home.

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