Happy Wednesday from all of us in Emerald! We’ve had another lovely day, with plenty of exciting activities and games to play!

This morning the children enjoyed group times with their educators! We love reading books, singing songs and playing games in the morning. It’s a lovely way to allow the children to feel safe and secure in their community, whilst promoting listening and language skills!

We had a lot of fun together this morning during our yoga session! The children did a fantastic job at showing off the animal poses that they have been learning and today everyone’s favourite pose was the pig in the mud! We all had so much fun being little muddy pigs together in the mud!

We love making collages in Emerald! Today the children made a fantastic collage of a mitten! Coming into the colder months we encourage the children to stay warm by wearing different clothes, like jackets and hats! Using arts and crafts is a great way to help the children understand!

Today the children have been using their fine motor skills to practice their drawing on the clip boards! We enjoyed playing with play dough and reading books!


Thanks for a lovely day 🙂

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