Happy Thursday Aqua Families! It has been a beautiful sunny day and the children have been spending a lot of time outside. They built blocks with Liza. They loved making towers to the sky and toppling it over.

Yoga is always a big hit!  The children joined Alejandra on their mats and modeled her poses.

The kitchen was very popular with our new friend Jack, who has joined us in Aqua. He happily explored the area today and have started to bond rapport with his new teachers.

Evelyn also started today!  Welcome to Aqua! You have settled very well today and have also being exploring your new learning space. You are making connections with the your new teachers and showed a strong interest in books!

At Learning Centre time, the children joined Donna and continued to explore colours. We added red and green paint to the paper and used our hands to roll the marbles around the box. The children loved seeing lines and different marks they made on the paper.

Nelson and a small group started a project of building a car. They painted the box while speaking about different cars parts.

With Alejandra, the children made Dino feet to promote the children’s interest.

With Tima, the children continue to gain confidence with their cutting skills. They cut out dinosaurs and made nice pictures with them.

What a fun and sunny day we had! Have a lovely evening Aqua group!

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