It’s Thursday in the Emerald room and we’ve had another eventful day! The children have had lots of fun with their friends and educators!

This morning the children enjoyed their group times! Today with Ekta, the children read their favourite stories and sang lots of their favourite nursery rhymes! The children all do a fantastic job of singing along and following along with the actions!

During yoga, we worked on our tree pose! The children always look forward to yoga and are excited to join in each day! It’s always such a fun way to enhance physical development, balance and coordination!

The Queen’s Birthday is coming up soon, so the children got to work on a fabulous crown with lots of jewels! They had lots of fun working on their fine motor skills by gluing and sticking coloured paper!

We always chat about the weather during our group times, so today we made beautiful and fluffy clouds! The children love the feel of cotton wool on their hands and against their cheeks!

Today has been a lovely day, we’ve explored the gardens, the sand pit and read lots of books!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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