Happy Friday everyone!

Today, we enjoyed playing in the yard and sandpit during the few patches of dry sky! We always love being able to get moving on a rainy day!

With Arturo, we had a great chat about astronauts and gravity. We had moon boots and went to visit different planets. We also started making some space scenes with Amanda.

Amariah shared her picture of her making breakfast during Newstime and Mia shared her Mummy’s scarf!

With Sony, we were excited to do some writing of our numbers on the chalk board! We were showing such improvement over the course of the week. We were excited to see Lillian back this morning. She jumped into activities straight away.

With Gail, we loved using the felt board and telling stories. We also continued using our fine motor skills to put seeds in sequential order into when it had bloomed into a plant.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!


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