We were excited in 59 today to put our astronaut versions of ourselves into space. We cut out our drawings we did last week nad put them into “space.” We used glitter to make stars, comets, and some galaxies!

Today is also the first day of winter! We started making some lovely Winter themed pictures using textas, cotton balls, pastels, and glitter!

We enjoyed the fun hopping obstacle course outside today! We ran, jumped, and hopped over the logs in different ways as we enjoyed the sunshine. Our leg muscles certainly were getting a good work out as we did this! We also did an obstacle course for the racing cars as they jumped over the tower we built them!

We continued working on our third house made of bricks for our “Three Little Pigs” story with Arturo! We showed great turn taking and patience as we added bricks to our house!

Soni continued on with our numeracy project today! We continue to improve on our counting skills and printing numbers. Rosanna explored different textures with the paint today.

We had a foot themed mediation with Arturo. We focused on using our feet and its muscles to move our socks around. All this was done with our deep breathing techniques and focus!

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