It was a rainy day to start off this morning, so the children explored inside.

Isla, Charlotte, Shona, Lily and Elise all showed their fine motor skills while placing the different animals on the different shape lines. Lily picked her favorite colour yellow. Elise took paid great attention to the teacher and then was very happy when she achieved the shape herself.

Welcome back to our Aqua friend Shona! It was great to see your smiling face. We really enjoy your chats.

In the Block Corner, the boys all got busy building! They all stayed safe and used their hard hats.

Isaac and Leonardo enjoyed time in the Kitchen cooking for each other. They laughed as they made dinner for each other.

Arda, Edward and Oscar used imagination skills as they made cars from the connecting blocks. Tima showed them how she made her car and they then made theirs.

The letter of the week is ‘’G.’’ Isla shared a giraffe at group time. The children are all learning basic mathematics. They do this through singing songs like “There are Seven Days in a Week,” “5 Cheeky Monkeys”, and many more.

Alejandra continued with mathematics in her Learning Centre time. The children put the right numbers to match the card.

With Donna, the children are enjoying learning how to put 6 to 8 piece puzzles together. Shona was very good and could do them herself without any modelling. The rest of the children needed some guidance while doing theirs.

What a fun filled rainy day in Aqua!

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