Tuesday is here and we’ve been busy once again! The children have had a great day playing with each other and participating in lots of activities!

The children enjoyed their group times this morning with their educators! They read so many of their favourite story books and sang lots of nursery rhymes! Singing nursery rhymes is always a lovely way to engage children and encourage speech and language development!

The children had a wonderful yoga session this morning! We used our gross motor skills to stretch our bodies up high to the sky and down low to touch our toes! The girls had lots of fun doing this together, whilst holding hands! We worked on our favourite pose this week … the pig!

Continuing with our ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ project, the children loved decorating a leaf with green paper and then sticking on the caterpillar egg, just like in the book!

We also continued making a Zebra from our favourite ‘Cranky Bear’ book!

The decorations for the Queen’s Birthday this Friday are well underway! The children have enjoyed decorating more bunting today by gluing and sticking coloured paper onto their triangles! It’s going to look fantastic!

What a great day we’ve had, playing with trains, toy snakes and building in the sand pit on this chilly day!

See you tomorrow 🙂

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