It’s Wednesday in the Emerald room and what a wonderful Wednesday we’ve had! The children have enjoyed their day, playing in the sunshine and participating in lots of activities!

We love group time! The children enjoy joining in with group time with their educators and friends! Together we read stories, sing songs and talk about the weather! The children have been really enjoying the story ‘Never Smile at a Crocodile’ … we also pair it with the song and have a little bit of a dance too! How fun 🙂

We had a lovely yoga session in the morning sun! We worked on our gross motor movements and perfected our animal poses! What a lovely way to enhance physical development, balance and coordination!

We’ve been very creative today! The children have decorated a skirt and top for our dancing room! The children love to put on a colourful skirt or dress when we dance and it was great to see them getting excited about decorating them!

The Queen’s Birthday celebration this Friday calls for one thing … more bunting! We’ve painted and decorated bunting by gluing and sticking, so today we practiced our fine motor skills by using crayons to draw on our bunting! We can’t wait to decorate the rooms!

The children have had a fabulous day playing with dinosaurs and leaves, exploring the sand pit and playing with the farm animals!

Thanks for a lovely day 🙂

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