The children started their morning in the kitchen area. Evan, Levi, Charlie, Lily and Shona cooked up some breakfast. The children made some nice food for Donna. Evan made some toast, Levi made a salad, and Charlie made some mushrooms. Breakfast was delicious.

Arda sat to put together a fire truck puzzle.  He was supported by Tima and completed it with her.

At group time, the children sat with Donna. They have had lovely listening skills as they sit patiently. We have been learning how to sign this week and the children are starting to understand why we use sign language. When Donna asked Lily and Adeline at morning tea could they say “please” in sign language and they used the right sign. Well done girls!

Today, we had a special visit from two rangers. They brought different animal homes. The children were so interested and listened to all the stories from the rangers on how animals make their homes.

Lily became a badger and went into the burrow. Harvey O became a spider and wrapped his leaf around him. Adeline became a bug in the bark of a tree. Charlotte became a possum and climbed inside her tree . Arda became a caterpillar in the cocoon. Shona was a baby bird in the nest. Isla became a Joey and went inside her Mummy’s pouch. James was a turtle and carried his house on his back.

After listening to the Rangers about all the animals’ homes, children had the opportunity to explore the houses and get inside. Evie especially liked the nest and sat inside all cozy for a while.

It was a super fun and special day in Aqua!

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