Thursday is here! We’ve had another busy day in the Emerald room and the children went on a very special adventure!

This morning the children enjoyed their group times with their educators! They enjoyed reading books, singing songs and talking about the incursion they were going on!

The incursion this morning – Wild Homes – was a lovely was to show the children where animals live! The children got to experience a hands on and interactive way of learning! Together we explored the the habitats such as a bear’s cave, cocoon, hollow of a tree, nest, kangaroo’s pouch, snail and turtle’s shells, long wavy grass!

We had such a lovely time!

In preparation for our Royal Tea Party tomorrow … the children have been practicing their fine motor skills by using felt tip pens to decorate a teapot!

We’ve had such a lovely day playing with the phones and keyboards, burying Robyn’s feet in the sand and reading books!

Today we also celebrated Sara’s Birthday! We all enjoyed singing Happy Birthday and sharing your Birthday with you!! Happy Birthday Sara 🙂

Don’t forget to dress up tomorrow and wear your fanciest outfit for our Royal Tea Party!

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