It was a beautiful sunny day in Aqua today! The children have been happily exploring indoors and outdoors.

Aqua teachers and children would like to welcome our new friend Isabelle who joined us today. She has settled very well with the help of her beautiful friend Poppy. The two of them played in the garden all morning together. They especially liked the cubby house.

In the Kitchen, there was a tea party going on for the Queen’s birthday. Lily was the Queen in her beautiful Elsa dress. Jack, Edward, and Luca made some tea and cakes for Donna and Lily.

Outside, there was a lot of fun was happening! Georgia, Elise, and Isaac pretended to be the monkeys and jumped from the balance beam.

Henry and Isla got creative on the drawing table! They used fine motor skills and made circles on the paper.

Jack enjoyed time with the ball. He through it to Donna and smiled in the cubby.

At Learning Centre time, some of the children made cakes for the Queen’s birthday with Liza. They use early concepts of mathematics and science when cooking. The children washed hands, put gloves on, and then helped mix the ingredients together. The children loved this experience and were super excited to see the cake.

Some children enjoyed decorating crowns with Alejandra. They used markers to colour it and glitter to make them pretty.

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