Welcome back after the long weekend!

The children started their morning with Alejandra doing their yoga on their mats. They listen well and copy the pose. It’s so important to stretch our bodies.

They have been busy exploring all areas in the room. Leo, Isaac, Isla, and Elise had time with the small cars on the mat. They used fine motor skills to transport them around as well as manipulating them to where they want them to go.

Leo and Isaac enjoyed playing on the balance beam. They use their physical  skills to walk from one end to the other.

Some of the children joined Nelson = to listen to his story about the animals. The children had to help him count 1 to 10. They showed Nelson ten fingers. Well done Aqua children!

Harvey enjoyed exploring the animals with the large boxes. He used the boxes as their houses.

With Donna, the children looked at the bread they touched last week. The germs were visible and the children could see why we need to wash with soap and water. They were so surprised at the sight of the germs!

The children also used their cognitive skills to do puzzles. They continue to get better at the 16 piece puzzles.

With Helena, the children are exploring fire, the trucks, and firefighters. Today, they made fire trucks as they stuck the truck and its wheels on the paper. This also helps them to learn shapes!

With Liza, the children continued to talk about their emotions. They had to find happy and sad faces, then match them on the board.

Thank you to Daisy who drew a lovely picture for us all and brought it to school.

It has been a fun day!

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