We’ve started the week on a Tuesday … and what a terrific start to the week we’ve had!

This morning the children enjoyed their usual group times with their educators! We love to read books and sing songs together! The children love to use the animal puppets to sing along with songs like ‘5 Little Ducks’!

The children had a fantastic yoga session! Today we worked on our gross motor movements to get the body moving and practiced our balance with some challenging animal poses! Today’s favourite animal pose was the butterfly … which is very fitting for one of our activities!

The children have been working very hard on their ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ project! Together we have been learning a lot about the life cycle of a butterfly and today the children used their fine motor skills to colour and draw on some beautiful butterflies of their own!

We continued with our bird project and painted some cute little winter birds … The children enjoyed painting little brown Robins and sticking a red circle on their bellies!

We also had so much fun using a marble to create some gorgeous paintings! The children held the sides of the basket and tipped it back and forth to make the marble roll over their paper!

Once again, we’ve had a great day exploring the sand pit, building towers with blocks and wooden boxes and we even built train tracks for our trains too!

See you tomorrow 😊

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