We were very excited to make a rocket ship with Arturo in the Crimson yard! We worked together as a team to make it come alive! We were especially excited to get into our rocket ship and blast off into space!

While Arturo had us making a life size rocket ship, Gail invited us to make a rocket ship out of shapes on paper. We loved seeing the bright colours on the black paper! The Star Wars potato heads were very popular!

We had so much fun playing Frozen Statues today. We took turns picking songs. This was a great way to share our music preferences with our peers.

Amanda invited us to complete a star experiment. We took turns using the water droppers on the bent wooden toothpicks. We loved seeing the sun shape turn into a star.

We also extended our star counting project today as we counted the amount of stars we had on our paper! We loved our cubby house in the yard.

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  1. farhatmunir@hotmail.co.uk
    farhatmunir@hotmail.co.uk says:

    It’s lovely to see kids engaged in meaningful learning activities. Building a rocket is wonderful idea for pre schoolers.
    Do they have a “show and tell” everyday ?

    • Emily
      Emily says:

      Hi Farhat,
      Thanks for your feedback! Izzah is welcome to bring photos in if she has done something special that she’d like to share. You can email them if you’d like me to print. We don’t have a set show and tell as we don’t want to encourage the children bringing in lots of little extra toys etc but if there’s something special to share then absolutely and it can be a great opportunity to build up confidence in front of the group.


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