Welcome back to another sunny day in Aqua! The children joined Alejandraon the mat to complete their yoga poses. They use this time to get ready for the day ahead. They relax their mind and bodies.

Jake really enjoyed exploring the kitchen area today. He pretended to prepare some food and eat it.

Lily, Adeline, Charlotte, Elaria and Elise had fun dressing up and dancing together in the Music Corner. They all love to dress as Elsa or Emma. They twirl, sing, and move their bodies to the rhythm.

Group times were full of stories and songs on the mat. Two small groups joined Tima and Helena to enjoy the stories. Also, we continue to learn all about sign language.

Learning Centre:

With Alejandra, the children are doing early mathematics.  They use the balls and put a corresponding number on the paper from 1 to 5.  Some children can achieve this by themselves, other children need additional assistance.

With Lisa, the children are choosing how they are feeling. They get creative and then draw their face on the oval. They tell Liza why they feel this way.

With Tima, the children are starting to learn and understand the first letter of their name. They traced it with their finger. They also say the letter, its sound, and then used fine motor skills to put coloured paper on the letter.

Block play was a hit today! The children made some big buildings, one being a school. They manipulated hammers, saws, and many different tools to complete their buildings.

Adeline, loves to be the teacher! She has amazing confidence and sits the group down and tells them a story.

There was a creative table, with red paint to create with.

The children enjoyed time with Nelson. He is teaching the children how to safely cross the road and how we must wait for the green man to cross. Today, they had to watch for the colour. They stopped on Red, and went on Green.

It was a fun filled day at Aqua!

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