Crazy Hair Day was certainly a success! We loved seeing all our friends and teachers with their coloured hair, Mohawks, spikes, yogurt themed hair, special streaks, curly cues, exciting hair clips, and unicorn hair! There were a lot smiles, laughing, and pride throughout the day!

We made some lovely galaxy pictures with Amanda today! It has been fun experimenting with the waxy crayons on the black paper.

We built some rockets with the Mobilo and talked about where we would like to go! Maksym and Veronique said Venus, Lachlan said Jupiter, Teos and Hunter said the moon! It’s wonderful to see the children transfer what they are learning about space to their building creations!

We were so excited to see Gail’s kaleidoscopes on the deck! The patterns we saw were so beautiful and ever changing! We continued on with painting stars and planets, building with the magnets, and filling up the planets with rice!

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